Will I get a tracking number?
Once an order ships, you will receive a tracking confirmation within 48 hours via the email you used.  We use stamps.com for our shipping software, so that is the processor who will email the tracking information.
How quick can I get these gloves?
In most cases, if you order before 3pm est, we will ship your gloves that day.  For the most part, we ship via USPS.  USPS Priority for 95% of the country is two day shipping.  For First Class, it is 2-5 days depending on your location.
Can these items be washed?
Our gloves are made with 100% cotton that is not preshrunk.  Therefore, do not dry these on high heat.  We recommend that you hand wash the lightweight gloves since they are made of a finer cotton and are not hemmed.  The heavyweight can be hand washed or gentle cycle.  For both, the safer choice is to air dry the gloves or if you cant, only tumble dry with no heat.
Can you expedite my order? I need them now!!
We have many options to get your gloves to you lickity-split.  Please email us at support@archivalgloves.com to get a quote on your special needs.

What is Lisle Cotton?

Lisle Cotton is cotton with a strong and tightly twisted thread.  Lisle cotton is strong and therefore makes a more durable glove.  It also go through a singeing process to remove all fibers for a smooth lint-free cloth.

How many is a dozen?

When we say one dozen, that means you will get 24 gloves/12 pairs.

Which gloves should I get?

The lightweight gloves are handy for detail tasks where you need dexterity and a light touch.  These gloves are snug to the hand and allow easier handling of items like quilting needles, photo negatives, electronics, antique books and paper, etc.

The heavyweight gloves are thicker, more durable, and better looking esthetically that the lightweight.  These are good when handling objects that can not be touched.  These are looser on the hand and are easier to take on and off than the lightweight.

  • handling antiques
  • skin care
  • ushering
  • catering
  • white glove cleaning
  • theater/plays
  • inspection
  • handling photos/negatives
  • electronics
  • quilting
  • chaffing
  • polishing
  • coin collecting
  • and many more